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Windows Live Movie Maker v16.4.3528 Setup Free Download

Windows live movie maker 16.4.3528 Full Version Free Download. Windows Live Movie Maker is free software that is used to make the video. These are used to make the design and have to customize the videos and I have an example here, if you are trying to make the video of any event, then you want to customize it means that you want to make it more attracting, then you have to use this program and that’s the main feature about it. There is much other software using this category, but it seems like a real version means the official version that is confirmed from the Official site of the publisher. I have also provided here UC Browser and you can download it using the browser.


This is used to capture the videos as well means that you can capture the running programs and screen of your computer too and that was launched different times in different countries even it’s launched for specific country too as you can see the above that it shows Europe country actually, this is the timeline of the video and that video was made in Europe or it’s related to it. Many things are possible there so, let’s move forward now because I have to write enough articles and that’s the starting of it so, this is the starting of my journey. You can customize the video of different scenes because it shows all the scenes of the part by part. You can design the part by using this software and that’s the normal feature about it because I gonna tell you a new feature that you can also change the color of the screen at the specific moment or scene.

Screenshots OF Windows Live Movie Maker Full Version:

It depends on you that how you customized it and you have to use another software to record the windows screen, then you can open the captured file in it and then after, you can design it, then you have to save the editing of it and that’s the way to use it. You have to store it in MP4 or AVI extension because they are most used high-quality extension otherwise, you can also use MKV extension that is the best high print quality, but it takes enough space that you would not bear so, you have to select the MP4 file or they automatically offer AVI extension.

Live Movie Maker Free Download For Windows 7

You can make hundreds of changes in a single scene of it and it depends on you how you customized it and I would never suggest else software in this regard because it’s certified from the official publisher of it. This is the basic use of it and you can also make the video from another computer or you can also customize the video that is captured from any camera means that you are attending an event and you make the video using any DSLR, then it uses to convert that video in the form that other devices like DVD or LCD can run because these instruments just support these kinds of stuff so, I will always suggest MP4 file because it also gives the high-quality print at all so, this is important to save after designing it and that process will take the time according to the duration of the video.

Best Feature Of Windows Live Movie Maker For Windows, MacOSX, and Android:

Import and edit slide shows and videos. Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into MovieMaker. Then fine-tune your movie just the way you want it. You can move things around, speed it up or slow it down it’s up to you. Edit the soundtrack and add a theme. Enhance your movie with audio and a theme. Movie Maker adds transitions and effects automatically so your movie looks polished and professional. Share your movie online. Once your movie is ready, share it online on Facebook, YouTube or other social networking and video sharing sites. Send a link to your movie in an email to family and friends so they won’t miss it. Note: This application has been discontinued.

System Requirements Of Windows Live Movie Maker:

Minimum Requirements

  1. Processor: Pentium 3
  2. Ram: 512 MB
  3. Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000, MacOSX and Android
  4. Graphics Card: 64 MB
  5. Hard Disk Space: 50 MB

These above lines belong to the requirements of the game so, your computer must have these specifications otherwise you will get any error.