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Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu 2020 2.0 Version 2004 Build 19041 ISO File

Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu 2020 2.0 Version 2004 Build 19041 ISO File Free Download. Hy friends today am going to share with you windows based hacking software for you. So, now you don’t need to download and install kali Linux on your system. Because am very happy to tell you that some of our friends have made windows based hacking OS. Ninjutsu is Penetration testing/Red Teaming distribution based on Windows focused on Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Android Penetration Testing. It includes a full portable arsenal for security experts, but it also includes pre-configured and installed Android Pentesting Integrated Environmental.

In this addition, protect your privacy by tweak and customize Windows 10, disable the collection services/Apps to improving your anonymity/performance. Ninjutsu Project was released on the 08th of May, 2020. Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu 2020 2.0 Version 2004 Build 19041, a new software tool that heavily modified Windows 10 with a huge number of tweaks, mods, and extra tools, has been hit with a DMCA complaint by Microsoft. According to the copyright notice, the customizing, tweaking, and disabling of Windows 10 features, even when that improves privacy, amounts to a violation of Microsoft’s software license.

Since Windows was first released, people have been modifying variants of the world-famous operating system to better fit their individual requirements. Many of these tweaks can be carried out using tools provided within the software itself but the recently-released Ninjutsu OS aims to take Windows 10 modding to a whole new level. Released on May 7, Ninjutsu OS claims to take Windows 10 and transform it into a penetration testing powerhouse, adding huge numbers of tools (around 800) aimed at security experts, a few for regular users (BitTorrent and Tor Browser, for example) while also removing features considered unwanted or unneeded in such an environment.


The Features of Windows 10 Pro Ninjutsu 2020 Full Version:

  1. Windows 10 Pre-Installed Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, and Android Security Testing Integrated Environment.
  2. More than 800 penetration testing tools.
  3. Free and Open-source Tools.
  4. Prefills the commandline.
  5. Terminal with many useful features.
  6. Customize Windows 10 with powerful tweak and optimize.
  7. Protect your privacy by tweak and customize Windows 10.
  8. Disable any of the annoying features built into windows.
  9. Unwanted Windows components removal.
  10. Remove/Disable many Windows programs and services.

General Info:

  • OS:- Windows 10 Pro
  • Version: 2004
  • Build: 19041
  • Size: 20 GB

Add/Updates Tools List for Hacking:

  1. Command & Control :
    – LocalXpose
    – Quasar
    – Merlin
    – Covenant
  2. Information Gathering
    – domainhunter
    – urlcrazy
    – RedRabbit
    – NetRipper
  3. Web Application Attack
    – ssl-scan
    – sslyze
    – ffuf
    – Burpsuite
    – droopescan
    – gowitness
    – Scrawlr
    – SSRFmap
    – sqlmap
  4. Networking Attack
    – bettercap
    – netscan
  5. Password Attacks
    – thc-hydra
    – Inveigh
  6. Vulnerability Analysis
    – Sharp-Suite
  7. Exploitation Tools
    – EvilClippy
    – mimikatz
  8. Mobile :
    – luyten
    – ShutUp10
    – Priv8-ddos
  9. Antivirus Evasion Tools
    – SysWhispers
  10. Reverse Engineering :
    – Dotnet
    – AntiTamper Remover
    – AntiTamperKiller
    – DotNET Tracer
    – ExtremeDumper
    – StringDecryptor
    – ConfuserEx AntiDump Fixer
    – Kripto v1.0 Deobfuscator
    – MegaDumper
    – Universal_Fixer
    – Universal_Fixer_NoFuser3
  11. Extractor
    – InnoExtractor
    – InstallShield_Extractor
    – LFS_Extractor
    – msi_extractor-v1.6.3
  12. Unpacker
    – Armadillo
    – Aspack
    – De4dot
    – enigma
    – Multi_unpack
    – PECompact
    – Telock v0.98
    – upx
    – Exe2Aut v0.11
  13. Trial Reset Others Tools
    – Windows Terminal
    – Powershell preview
    – Tor Browser
    – Bandizip
    – CCleaner
    – ShareX
    – YogaDNS
    – Comodo Security

How to Download and Install Ninjutsu OS into Windows:

IMPORTANT! Never download Ninjutsu images from anywhere other than the official sources. Always be sure to verify the MD5/SHA256 checksums of the file you’ve downloaded against our official values. It would be easy for a malicious entity to modify a Ninjutsu Project installation to contain exploits or malware and host it unofficially. The Ninjutsu Project images are available both as directly downloadable .iso files or via .torrent files.

  1. First of all, click on the below download button and shift on the download page.
  2. On the Download page, you can easily download and also, see more detail about installing and using.
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